Another Christmas has passed. Gifts have been opened, food has been eaten, guests have gone home. It is quiet, and I am left to smile at my memories. As I thought about this Christmas, I wrote this haiku:

Christmas gathering

Laughter, memories, laughter

My favorite gifts.

I’d love to see your thoughts on Christmas in haiku form: three lines of 5, 7, 5 syllables. Can you haiku?

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18 Responses to Gifts

  1. Curling ribbon lies
    Amidst chew bones and squeak toys
    The dog sleeps in peace.

  2. mgmillerbooks says:

    Martini in hand,
    Lizabeth Scott on TV.
    No work tomorrow!

  3. Beth Carter says:

    Hustle and bustle,
    Shopping, wrapping, stressing, too.
    I’m glad it’s over!

  4. Beth Carter says:

    I prefer red, green.
    Traditions this time of year
    important to me.

  5. Beth Carter says:

    Sleeping’s hard for kids.
    Weatherman says Santa’s here.
    It must be Christmas.

  6. Jan Morrill says:

    I still remember having a hard time getting to sleep on Christmas Eve. My mom used to put glitter on my nose so I could hear Santa’s sleigh bells. Funny, I never heard them! I wonder what she would have done if I’d awakened at the magic hour? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Mike says:

    Santa came and left
    all the latest, must have toys –
    but no batteries


    footsteps on the roof,
    large man in red breaking in –
    police on the way


    the lowly shepherds
    found the saviour of the world –
    we’ve lost him again

    • Jan Morrill says:

      I really enjoy your haiku, Mike. In this group, I especially like the first one. We’ve all been there. But, the third one is powerful and true. Wow. Thank you for sharing them!

  8. I wondered why so many people had done haiku already when you’d just posted this. Then I looked at the dates and realized they were oldies but goodies. ๐Ÿ™‚ This was today.

    Christmas snow arrives
    Trees and bushes wear ermine
    My heart fills with joy


  9. Steve says:

    today, low gray clouds
    wet streets, we searched for a ring
    sunshine she could wear.

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