My haiku “Books” won the 2010 Crickhollow “Haiku About Books” contest.

Woman Reading by Will Barnet - Crystal Bridges

Like the last, long slurp

of a thick chocolate shake

Beloved book’s last page

How does a good book make you feel?

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14 Responses to Books

  1. Beth Carter says:

    Big congrats, Jan! Your haiku was the best by far in my opinion. I love it. I wish I had known about this contest. I must follow Crickhollow on FB.

    Yea, you!

  2. Beth Carter says:

    Nearing the last page
    I want to slow down, savor.
    Don’t want this to end.

  3. Beth Carter says:

    Excited–and not.
    I don’t want this book to end.
    Guess I’ll start over!

  4. Beth Carter says:

    I can’t stop writing these. Sorry to clog up your blog!

    Fingering the page.
    Will I laugh, cry, be surprised?
    Heady like beer buzz.

  5. Madison Woods says:

    Jan your haiku is always evocative and never fails to surprise even with so few words to manipulate. That’s great imagery and I wish you a belated congratulations!

  6. Jan I Like your words.

    A book should make me
    Laugh out loud, cry a bit
    give hope and leave me satisfied

  7. Mike says:

    A lovely haiku Jan. Here are mine (like Beth, I got carried away!)

    the other children
    seemed to adore reading books –
    what was wrong with me

    left on a park bench
    a book of spells and potions –
    one forgetful witch

    words flew off the page
    attacking me from every angle –
    bring on the next one

    the story took me
    to such a wonderful place –
    don’t want to come back

  8. Judee says:

    Any book reader will tell you, it’s no wonder this won an award. You described it perfectly.

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