Tanka is haiku that focuses on nature and season, but is a bit longer than the traditional haiku of three lines with 5-7-5 syllables. A tanka consists of five lines for a total of 31 syllables.  The syllables per line are according to the pattern 5 -7 -5 – 7 – 7.

Here is a tanka I wrote for a chapter in Broken Dolls, and is a metaphor for a love that is begun, though the lovers know it can never continue:

A caterpillar weaves

 its cocoon, where a lovely

butterfly grows. Though

all the while, it knows too well,

its end will come too soon.

Any haikus or tankas about butterflies out there?

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5 Responses to Butterfly

  1. Mike says:

    A lovely tanka Jan. Funnily enough I wrote a tanka on my blog back in August, here it is –

    was that a butterfly
    passing by so fleetingly,
    or just another day
    for dreams to fade to nothing,
    hope again to lose its way

  2. janmorrill says:

    I always look forward to your haiku, Mike, and now I’ll look forward to your tanka, too! Beautifully captured butterfly moment.

  3. I actually raise butterfly caterpillars I find in my garden (so they don’t get eaten), but surprisingly have written only one haiku about them:

    Butterfly quivers
    Just hatched, her wings still wet
    My mind soars

I love to read your comments, even more, your HAIKU!

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