The following haiku is by the Japanese poet, Issa, and appears in the book, The Essential Haiku, edited by Robert Haas.

Don’t worry, spiders

I keep house


This haiku and the spider on my wall this morning, inspired me to write my own haiku about a spider:

Spider on the wall

It stares. I glare. Showdown.

Who makes the first move?

I look forward to reading your spider haikus!

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20 Responses to Spider

  1. Spider poetry:
    trochaic octameter,
    for it has eight feet.

  2. Web of syllables,
    woven as Japanese poem,
    is spider haiku.

  3. Beth Carter says:

    Yet another thing we have in common–our love for haiku. Here’s mine:

    Dancing hoochie coo.
    Eight legs sure come in handy.
    See, I’m not all bad.

  4. Beth Carter says:

    You can’t see me now.
    Crawling into your mouth, ears.
    Wait until bedtime.

  5. Beth Carter says:

    Last one (I think!):

    Spindly, creepy legs.
    I have eight but you have two.
    Now crawling on you!

  6. Beth Carter says:

    Thanks, Jan. It’s my favorite, too, although I wasn’t sure if I spelled “hoochie coo” correctly.

    Fun prompt. 🙂

  7. La tarántula:
    en los plátanos.

    The tarantula:
    spider poetry among
    the banana plants.

  8. Out in the old barn,
    visible to everyone,
    Charlotte spins, “Hello.”

  9. Beth Carter says:

    I love both of those, LupusAnthropos, but my fave is the last one with Charlotte!

  10. Poor, lonely spider,
    looking for a friend, frightens
    Little Miss Muffet.

  11. Rain comes down in force.
    The itsy-bitsy spider
    awaits sunny days.

  12. Lunch helplessly waits.
    Gossamer has done its job.
    Spider approaches.

I love to read your comments, even more, your HAIKU!

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