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This week’s word prompt was NATURAL:

Our conversation
authentic and natural,
a breath of fresh air.

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22 Responses to Authenticity

  1. No better kind of conversation than that.

  2. kkkkaty says:

    That is a naturally nice haiku 😉

  3. tara tyler says:

    more natural fresh feelings! less polluted ideas! great haiku!

  4. 4joy says:

    Felt soothing and breezy…love the ‘conversation’ angle on prompt…nice work

  5. janmorrill says:

    Reblogged this on Jan Morrill Writes and commented:

    A haiku based on the word prompt, “Natural.”

  6. HaikuWater says:

    Sometimes I envision a natural conversation as exactly that – a palpable bundle of air taking shape in the empty space between two people. It expands and grows little fractal bumps and knobs like a potato left out on the counter too long. Always swaying and turning as each conversant adds and pushes and pulls on it. You’ve created a crystal seed of all these ideas for me!

  7. lessandragr says:

    Very nice. It leaves such a good feeling of having just such natural conversations – true, no bull 😉

  8. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    I long for such conversations!

    The Natural Way

  9. Pranita says:

    Those conversations are the best… hard to have with someone!
    Her buckets emptied, yet so full!

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  11. That is exactly one reason I married my husband!

  12. Jennifer says:

    Natural conversation… best thing ever! Lovely haiku.

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