In Celebration of Poetry

Did you know April is National Poetry Month? has given us “30 Ways to Celebrate.” My favorite on the list is:

Put a poem in a letter.

Except, I modified it a bit. I’m going to put poems (haiku) on my blog–every day in the month of April.

And, I invite you to join me. Below I’ve posted a theme for each day in April. I’m going to brainstorm them right now, so there’s no telling what I’ll come up with. Here’s the list:

1) Dogs
2) Cats
3) Spring
4) Life
5) Challenge
6) Family
7) Love
8) Friendship
9) Time
10) Flowers
11) Clouds
12) Water
13) Summer
14) Ocean
15) Children
16) Work
17) Travel
18) Writing
19) News
20) Pain
21) Letters
22) Birds
23) Your favorite character
24) Politics
25) Your favorite food
26) Laundry
27) Loss
28) Memories
29) Autumn
30) Winter

Each day, I’ll post a haiku with the “Theme of the Day.” If you’d like to post a haiku, I invite you to leave it in the comments.

LHBH FinalI’ll be giving away a copy of my new book, Life: Haiku by Haiku to three people. All you have to do to enter an original haiku in the comments. For each haiku you leave throughout April, you’ll be entered once.

Your haiku for that date must be about the “Theme of the Day” to be entered in the drawing. (Including the theme word in the haiku isn’t necessary, however.)

On May 1, I’ll draw three names as winners!

I love haiku, and I look forward to seeing all the different ways we “see” the themes I’ve listed above.

Good luck, and happy National Poetry Month!

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43 Responses to In Celebration of Poetry

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  2. Robert says:

    Where do we leave the Haiku at?

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  7. Jim Barton says:

    old man in the park
    sips from a dented tin can–
    pea soup, thin as fog

    Apr. 5-Challenge

    • Jan Morrill says:

      Sorry I’m late getting my “challenge” haiku up this morning, Jim. It’s up now. You’re welcome to re-post on today’s theme, but I’ve got you entered again anyway. This is a beautiful, sad haiku, perfect for the theme of “challenge.”

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  12. Fay Guinn says:

    Writers Relief invited me to submit some work for consideration to be accepted by their service. After looking at their submission guidelines, I am undecided bc they don’t accept previously published pieces. They consider social media (Facebook, etc.) as published. I’ve enjoyed contributing to your daily haiku page but if I want to submit them for publication somewhere else, is that prohibited?

    • Jan Morrill says:

      Hi Fay–it really depends on the place you’re submitting to, whether or not they consider an appearance on a blog as being published. Though I’ve really enjoyed your haiku, I understand that you’d rather be safe. Hope you’ll visit again soon!

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