Celebrate Poetry-4/21: LETTERS

The theme for Day 21′s celebrating National Poetry Month is “LETTERS.” Click HERE for details of this haiku celebration of throughout the month of April.

Apologies to all that I missed April 20’s haiku. As you might guess with it being Tommy’s first Easter, the day was filled with activities. This, after a 24-hour trip to Fayetteville on Saturday, and I simply didn’t get it done. If any of you had a haiku for PAIN, post it today and I’ll count it.

Here’s my haiku for LETTERS. I do love what technology has done for our ability to communicate. I’m in touch with so many more people than I used to be, and that’s the best part. But technology has also made our world more frenetic, because we so often feel we have to be connected, answer immediately. This, I believe, has diminished the quality and depth of our writing. There was a time when not many joys could compete with finally receiving the letter I’d been waiting for in the mail, holding it in my hand and anticipating reading what was inside the envelope. I don’t usually feel that kind of joy when I receive emails.

email may be fast
but we lost the savor of
letters sent by snail


Share your LETTERS haiku in the comments of this post and you’ll be entered in the drawing for one of three signed copies of LIFE: HAIKU BY HAIKU! Only three rules:

  1. Must be your original haiku (which is typically seventeen syllables, three lines of 5-7-5 syllables each, but I won’t be a stickler.)
  2. Must be entered in the comments of this blog post
  3. Must be about the topic of the day

Click HERE for details.

LHBH Final

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17 Responses to Celebrate Poetry-4/21: LETTERS

  1. I still like to send real letters or, more often, cards. Here’s my haiku for the day.

    Reach of loving heart
    Sometimes inadequate words
    Build relationships

    • Jan Morrill says:

      I like to send real letters and cards, too, but don’t do it often enough. I like your haiku, especially the first line. Perfect representation for “letters.” Thanks, Janet!

  2. Steve says:

    we used to pass notes
    secret hurts and hopes folded 
    into little squares

  3. Robert Brown says:

    A lost letter found
    Containing words of true love
    From the one I love

    Had one for pain to:
    Shattered heart and soul
    For one who loves another
    Couldn’t she be mine

  4. Azim Khan says:

    old postman
    perplexed –
    no letters to deliver

  5. Susan Gallion says:

    Pain and death stalks quietly
    Taking us all by surprise
    No time for good byes

  6. All around the house
    Hidden in secret places
    Love letters written

  7. Jim Barton says:

    the happiest times–
    Dad and I checking the box,
    getting the “we” mail

I love to read your comments, even more, your HAIKU!

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