Celebrate Poetry-4/22: BIRDS

The theme for Day 21′s celebrating National Poetry Month is “BIRDS.” Click HERE for details of this haiku celebration of throughout the month of April.

I like this photograph not only for the attitude the birds show, but because of the one different bird in the scene. (Probably the one female among males?)

different from the rest
she stared at her fellow gulls
stay or fly away?

Share your BIRDS haiku in the comments of this post and you’ll be entered in the drawing for one of three signed copies of LIFE: HAIKU BY HAIKU! Only three rules:

  1. Must be your original haiku (which is typically seventeen syllables, three lines of 5-7-5 syllables each, but I won’t be a stickler.)
  2. Must be entered in the comments of this blog post
  3. Must be about the topic of the day

Click HERE for details.

LHBH Final

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24 Responses to Celebrate Poetry-4/22: BIRDS

  1. Susan Gallion says:

    Soaring ever so high
    On eagles wings to reach the sky
    Never near by

  2. Like a busy bee
    Hummingbird flies, colours bright.
    Sure sign spring has come.

  3. Fay Guinn says:

    Seeing reflection
    in glass bird pecks, pecks on pane.
    Driving me crazy.

  4. Patrick M Peck says:

    Gull flies overhead
    Graceful yet mischievous
    Car was just washed

  5. Steve says:

    Blackbird fly!
    White cat coming…
    opposites attract? 

  6. Robert Brown says:

    The bird starts to chirp
    As the sun slowly rises
    Setting harmony

  7. Jim Barton says:

    winter cardinals
    harvesting leftover seeds—
    lifeblood on pale snow

  8. Azim Khan says:

    myna picks feathers —
    a broken comb
    in my pocket

  9. Azim Khan says:

    peacock fans–
    cool breeze through

  10. Azim Khan says:

    dragon fly
    sandwiched between the beak
    crunchy summer snack

  11. Azim Khan says:

    forks out a worm
    spring meal

  12. Nora says:

    Sweet song wakes me up
    Treasures on my windowsill
    Nature’s happy song

I love to read your comments, even more, your HAIKU!

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