Tommy Haiku: Cereal

I love “cereal time” with Tommy. Watching him delight in the feel of the white mush in his mouth, (it surely isn’t the taste!) makes me realize how much I take the joy of eating for granted.

tommy cereal

Here comes a spoonful
Grandma makes a funny face
“Open wide!” Num-num.

tommy thumb

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8 Responses to Tommy Haiku: Cereal

  1. Azim Khan says:

    spoon perpendicular-
    probing the depth of
    cereal bowl

  2. Azim Khan says:

    soft touch of
    on locked lips

  3. Azim Khan says:

    I enjoy
    baby cereals-
    the left overs

  4. Mustang.Koji says:

    Haha! What a cute haiku!

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