Man’s Best Friend

My brother lost his best friend a few days ago, a friend who was by his side every moment for fifteen years–when he walked to the mailbox, cooked dinner, tinkered with his car, swam in the pool, slept at night.


And so, when he texted me that Chance was gone, I cried with him. Not only for his loss, but for the memory of losing my two best friends, Jubie and Bear–not to death, but to divorce.

Jubie and Bear2

So I wrote this haiku, for sweet Chance, and all the dogs we’ve loved and lost.

Rest well, dear friend
By my side so many years
My heart lost its wag


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6 Responses to Man’s Best Friend

  1. Julie james says:

    Beautiful haiku Jan. Made my eyes fill up.

  2. Gorgeous words that brought a lump to my throat. Always so sad to lose our furry family members, however it happens xoxox

  3. Brings tears to my eyes. I’ve lost three furbabies in my lifetime and each time another piece of my heart crossed the rainbow bridge with them.

  4. mamarabia says:

    What a sweet remembrance for some of your best friends!

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