All Perfect

IMG_6568I’ve been looking forward to giving a workshop at Ozarks Writers League on February 21, and have become even more excited as I prepare the PowerPoint presentation. Is it possible for us to inspire ourselves? 🙂

The workshop is titled “The Perfect Haiku,” and I must admit, initially I shuddered at the title. I’ll explain why in my workshop.

With the start of a full time job, I haven’t spent much time writing haiku, (or writing much of anything else for that matter!) in the six months since I began working. But this morning, as I perused this blog for examples of haiku to use in my presentation, I felt as though I’d visited an old friend.

So many memories captured in these haiku, and the seventeen syllables of each takes me back to what I experienced as I wrote them.

This morning, I wrote a new haiku to describe the feeling:

I open the door
to a room full of memories
good morning, old friend

If you’re in the Branson area on Saturday, February 21, I’d love for you to join me. We’ll learn about some of the haiku masters, and I’ve got lots of writing prompts to inspire you to write and share the power of your seventeen syllables.

Click HERE for more information.

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4 Responses to All Perfect

  1. Julie james says:

    Yes I’m excited
    Jan is great inspiration
    Bring on the haiku

  2. Beth Carter says:

    I wish we were in town so I could attend. You’ll be great. Your haiku inspires me, too.

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