National Poetry Day: The Seashore

It’s National Poetry Day (in Britain). That’s okay. I’ll take any excuse to write haiku. 🙂

I hope as you read,  you’ll hear the waves, taste the salt in the air and feel the sand between your toes!


 sandpiper dashes
down to the sea and back
view from my hammock


14522816_10208577950499894_2794564749405966620_nthe sea foam vanquished
to quiet passing currents
now I’m an old man
~Steve Vanek






 A kiss by the sea
Only us in that moment
A seagull cries



Seagulls wait and watch
Anticipate tossed morsels
Each cries, “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

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11 Responses to National Poetry Day: The Seashore

  1. kathleenmrodgers says:


    Vivid imagery in such a short space. Bravo to Steve as well. Nice.

  2. Joyce says:

    Very pretty. I can visualize the scene, feel the ocean breeze off the water, sand beneath the feet, and the sound of waves rushing the shore. 🙂

  3. Chet Dixon says:

    Jan and Steve: I always love your Haiku. It made me dream for a while.

  4. Claudia says:

    Lovely and such a pleasure for me today!

  5. Catching up after
    Away at Eureka Springs
    Conference was good

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