Advent Calendar Day 2: Tiny Ornaments

Tiny ornaments
Memories from Christmas past
Treasures hung each year

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is giving a Christmas ornament that represents an event that year. My kids each, of course, had a “First Christmas” ornament.

When they were growing up, the ornament might have represented an activity they were involved in (like hockey, soccer, band, etc.)


When they grew up and had homes of their own, I gave them each the ornaments we’d collected throughout their childhood. (It was, admittedly, as sad thing for me to give them up!)

Since then, I continue the tradition with engagement ornaments.engagement

tommyAnd family ornaments.





What are some of your traditions?

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3 Responses to Advent Calendar Day 2: Tiny Ornaments

  1. Day 2 already? If I stay on all day, it will be Christmas by tonight. 🙂 We (and the grandparents) bought our girls ornaments and now our older daughter has all hers on her small tree, even though she’ll be home for Christmas. Our traditions are going to the Christmas Eve service at church, then coming back and, after reading the Christmas story, opening stocking presents. On Christmas morning, I make an upside-down cornbread apple sausage dish and after we eat, we sit down and open gifts. I also had some Christmas stories that I would read to the girls every year.

    When my husband’s parents were alive, we would go there on Christmas Day. For me, though, the linchpin is always the church service and the celebration of the Reason for the Season.


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