National Poetry Month Contest: Day 13 – Summer

Today’s theme is “Summer.”

I love seasonal metaphors. Like Summer. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we wish away our summer. But it passes too quickly.

lovely summer day
when sunlight glimmers through green
‘til autumn leaves fall

  The theme for tomorrow is “ocean.” What will you write?

To enter for a chance to win a copy of my book, Life: Haiku by Haiku, leave a comment with your original haiku (must use the Theme of the Day). Each haiku will qualify for one entry, so enter as many times as you’d like! (NOTE: Shipping address of winners must be within the United States.)

Click HERE for details on my haiku celebration of National Poetry Month!

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11 Responses to National Poetry Month Contest: Day 13 – Summer

  1. Steve says:

    her white halter top
    back seat of my old Buick
    Forecast: hot, humid

  2. Firefly moonlit trees
    Peaches, vanilla ice cream
    Lullaby to sleep.

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