National Poetry Month Day 26: Wabi Sabi

I missed writing a haiku yesterday. Actually, I wrote one, but I’m saving it for April 28. You’ll see why when I post it.

But around 9:30 last night, right after I pulled the covers over myself, I thought, “Oh, darn! I haven’t posted a haiku!”

I weighed my options. Should I get up and write, then post a haiku and maintain my perfect record for daily haiku during National Poetry Month? Or, should I practice the philosophy of wabi sabi, and find beauty in the imperfection?

Those covers felt so good, and my pillow, so nice and fluffy. It was a pretty beautiful feeling, even though April, in more ways than one, has been far from perfect. 🙂


Click HERE to read the post that kicked off a month of writing haiku, in celebration of National Poetry Month.

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