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National Poetry Month – Day 3: Tommy at the Seashore

Here’s a happier haiku for Day 3. And don’t worry. This photo was taken August 2019. 🙂 ______________________________________________________________ Click HERE to read the post that kicked off a month of writing haiku, in celebration of National Poetry Month.

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National Poetry Month Contest: Day 9 – School

Today’s theme is “School.” There’s nothing like seeing the world all new again through the eyes of my grandchildren. Through Tommy’s eyes, I can wonder about the whale that lives in the neighborhood pond. Through Allie’s eyes, I corn on the … Continue reading

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October Walk

I’m not sure who likes our walks more–Tommy or me. Especially now that Fall is here. 🙂 leaves rain down on me acorns crunch beneath my feet an October walk

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Tommy Haiku #4

Can we go outside? Bird songs are prettier than TV’s blah, blah, blah!

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Tommy Haiku #3: Wind

White puffs drift above Something whispers in my ears Grandma calls it “wind.”

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Tommy Haiku #2: Button

  Something small and round Like a pearl on Grandma’s shirt This too, I must taste

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Tommy Haiku: Cereal

I love “cereal time” with Tommy. Watching him delight in the feel of the white mush in his mouth, (it surely isn’t the taste!) makes me realize how much I take the joy of eating for granted. Here comes a … Continue reading

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